Q-scope DERMO
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Wired USB Q-scope (2.0 MP - 200x) with polarizer, power CR++ LEDs
iScope IS.1153-EPL
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iScope trinocular microscope with EWF 10x/20 mm eyepieces, E-plan EPL 4/10/S40/S100x oil objectives and 3 W NeoLED™ illumination
VC.3038 - Fotocamera HDMI HD-Pro
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The real time images generated with this camera provide excellent color rendering at high frame rates, up to 60 frames per second on any direct connected HDMI screen or monitor. The HD-Pro high definition camera can be used in three modes: in a stand-alone with its embedded mouse-driven software, in a computer controlled mode or a combination of both
bScope BS.1152-EPLPH
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bScope binocular microscope, HWF10x/20 mm eyepieces and quadruple nosepiece with E-plan phase EPLPH 10/20/S40/S100x oil objectives, 131 x 152/197 mm stage with integrated mechanical 77 x 36 mm rackless X-Y stage. Zernike phase contrast condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder. 3 W NeoLED™ illumination and integrated power supply. Supplied without rechargeable batteries
iScope IS.3153-PLi/6
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iScope trinocular microscope with EWF 10x/22 mm eyepieces, plan Pli 4/10/S40/S100x oil IOS objectives, rackless stage, 100W HBO mercury vapor fluorescence illumination with 6 filter positions. Supplied with fluoresence filters for Blue and Green excitation and 3 W NeoLED™ brightfield Kohler illumination